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With the name change from ABC family to Freeform edgier entertainment was promised.“Guilt” aims to be the Summer’s potboiler mystery. Shades of the real life Amanda Knox case spring to mind. After a wild night in London roommates Molly (played by Rebekah Wainwright) and Grace (played by Daisy Head) return to their hip Flat. As Morning dawns Grace and her French boyfriend discover Molly’s body in a pool of blood. Grace’s Sister who is also a Lawyer flys in from America. It isn’t long before the local detectives are interested in Grace and her boyfriend.


Right off the bat I found it refreshing that the show boasts an international class. (American, British, Irish, French, so far) In some ways the show is shot like a British crime drama and other times like an overly bright episode of “Pretty Little Liars”. As we open with a grisly murder and othet plots unfold the point is driven home this is not a kid’s show. It’s obvious the show is trying to piggyback on the “Pretty Little Liars” crowd despite this. It has been confirmed the mystery will be solved this season and not drag on.


Despite the claims it will differ from the Amanda Knox case it really isn’t made clear in the pilot. Pilots tend to suck before a show is built up. Out of all the actors Billy Zane steals the show as a washed up Lawyer who attaches himself to the case. The rest of the actors are okay but we aren’t really given much to care about. They fill the void as “French boyfriend”, “American roommate”, “grieving Brother”,  and “dogged Detectives”.


“Back home this crime scene would’ve been wrapped up in a matter of hours!” Grace’s Sister (played by Emily Tremaine) guffaws. This is but a taste of clashing cultural styles. Quickly we realize Grace is not the wholesome sweet girl she pretends to be. At this point in time I keep thinking this should be called “The Amanda Knox Story”. Because making minor changes really isn’t helping differentiate from said case.


Before I knew it the episode was over. As it ended I knew the show had hooked it’s claws into me. Flaws and all I wanted to find out who killed Grace. Judging by the Pilot the show could crash and burn or be a success. Given the premise it could be a new case every season if it’s not just a single season show.


I hope the show will expand upon media affecting a crime and our perceptions. I certainly hope the show will carve it’s own  storyline and not stick to the obvious real life refrences.Most of the characters are a bit bland but given it’s only the first episode that could change. One thing is for sure, the show has potential.









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