“Animal Kingdom”

The TV show is based on the Australian movie from 2010. It is based on a real Austin crime family. After Jay’s Mother dies he(played by Finding  Cole of “Peake Blinders”)  is taken in by Smurf. (played by Ellen Barkin) It isn’t long before he is taken in by his  wiley Uncles Baz,  (Played by Scott Speedman of “The Strangers”) Craig, (played by Ben Robson) Pope, (played by TV’s  “Southland” Shawn Hatosy) and Deran. (Played by Jake Weary of “It Follows” ) Yuou don’t have to watch the movie before watching the series. Though it’s fun seeing what has been added or changed. The series promises to be a sundrenched thriller.

Having not been familiar with Ellen Barkin I was impressed with her. She would steal the eyes out of a Cat as soon as fix you Dinner.  Danielle Alonzo (from TV’s “Jericho”) takes over the role of Catherine, Pope’s worried  girlfriend. The real wildcard is Shawn Hatsoy’s character who is fresh out of the slammer. He has serious boundary issues.

The location change from Australia to California is flawless. The characters are seen hanging out and surfing at the local beach.  Jay’s girlfriend Nikki (played by newcomer Molly Gordon) has an expanded role as a sympathetic ear. The action scenes are shot at a crackling neckbreak pace. Luckily it remains realistic and doesn’t go into popcorn movie territory.

For being a TNT show there is enough nudity and sex to spare. Plenty of ripped Sixpacks and fit bodies in bikinis. The characters are a far cry from the original film and perhaps that’s for the best. The boys herr appear to be adrenalin  junkies instead of lost boys. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the show pans out. Guy Peace will also be on board to play the role of a Detective.


There is a pervading sense of dread and debauchery. After watching the first two episodes I am interested where it will go from here. If it will stick to the movie’s template or do it’s own thing. With a likable cast and eerie  sunny atmosphere it promises to be a thrilling summer event.








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