“The Best Gems you’ve never seen”

The almost 3 years I’ve logged off this account I have transcended. I am timeless. I am omnipotent. What follows will be small descriptions of hidden movie gems I’ve watched recently.

“JU-on: White Ghost/Black Ghost”

The curse is back. Anyone who enters the death house becomes a part of it. Equal parts horror and drama as the curse spreads from victim to victim. Meanwhile overseas “Saddako vs. Kayako” is already finished. There is also talk of “The Grudge” being rebooted in America. Meanwhile the teen oriented “Rings” sequel to “The Ring” is scheduled for Halloween.

“Henry II: Portait of a Serial Killer”

Leaving off where part one ended Henry (played by a competent different actor) finds work from a shady low income family. Cricket (played by Kate Walsh) offers the aimless worker food and shelter in exchange for illegal jobs on the side. What the family doesn’t know is Henry is a ruthless serial killer. The film works as a standalone title as it makes refrences to the brillant part one. The scuzzy 90’s fit in just right with the film’s atmosphere. Despite Michael Rooker not playing Henry the sequel is not too shabby.

“Titanic” (1996) and “Titanic” (2012)

While James Cameron’s Oscar winning spectacle was in production so too was a TV movie version. On a modest budget and a hackneyed schedule the TV version isn’t so bad. This version focuses a bit more on the aftermath of the disaster. It is also Catherine Zeta Jones’s first movie role. The 2012 version focuses on an array of characters including the Servants of different classes on the Ship. The class distinction reaches beyond the Passengers. It also has a non linear format.

“In Cold Blood/Capote”

The 1996 miniseries of “In Cold Blood” focuses more on the tragic 1950’s Clutter family who were murdered by two convicts in search of money. The murder shocked the world and compelled author Truman Capote to write the award winning true crime book. “Capote” focuses on Truman who is a flamboyant homosexual who runs in high society. He becomes infatuated with one of the convicts as he digs for salacious details. The more Truman writes the closer he is to critical acclaim. But at what cost? A fine double feature.

“See no evil: the Moors murders”

For a period of years England was rocked by the disappearence of small children and young people. The two responsible were sadistic couple Myra and Ian. They were responsible for the coldblooded rape and murders of said victims. The miniseries is more invested in the couple’s background and does not show any assaults or kidnappings. This does not make the miniseries any less bearable to sit through. Fantastic performences across the board including Maxine Peake and Sean Haris as the diabolical couple.

“2001 Maniacs/2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams”

Horror master Robert Englund is the undead Mayor of Pleasant Valley, Virginia. A large group of youngin’s find themselves taken in by the town for dome good ole Southern hospitality. The body count rises in cheeky, gorey, dark humor. The sequel has Sid Haig as the Mayor. While part one was charming on a practical budget the sequel is a bit of a disappointment. The sound mixing is atrocious and barely discernable. This time around no travelers are coming to the Valley so the Maniacs hit the road on a Bus to find fresh victims. Two spoiled divas and a hapless reality show film crew wander into the maniac’s clutches as chaos ensues. Despite the lower budget and ludicrous plot I still found the movie entertaining. If only the terrible sound mixing issue could be fixed.

“Posion Ivy: the new Seduction/ Posion Ivy: the Secret Society”

The 90’s were known for slick erotic thrillers. The first “Posion Ivy” ushered in a time of films about sexy women taking over families and becoming obsessed with disastrous consequences. This time around Violet (played by Jaime Pressly) comes back to her childhood friend’s manor. It isn’t long before she’s slinking around and undressing causing mayhem. While the first film was fairly serious this one embraces it’s cheesy plotline. “The Secret Society” has no connection to the franchise. Country girl Daisy stumbles upon a College secret society known as the Ivy’s who use sex and murder to get what they want. Miriam Macdonald of “Degrassi” strips down to play a more “adult” role with laughable results.

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