“The Best Gems you’ve never seen”

Another installment. If you have any recommendations send them my way.

The “One Missed Call” trilogy

Asian cinema is known for being twisted and atmospheric. The trilogy entails victims receiving a call from their future selves predicting their deaths. Grisly and enthralling. There was also a TV series based on the films. In 2008 an American remake received a cold reception. The remake actually isn’t *that* bad but is watered down.


A Takashi Miike joint. When a production company worker suddenly loses his Wife he is shattered. Years go by before he thinks of dating again. Using his clout he searches for the perfect date and meets his perfect match. Quiet but intelligent he has no idea what he’s in for. A film not for the squeamish.


The “Piranha” series

Thrills and child abound. The franchise boasts 5 films. (Including two remakes, 2 sequels,) One of the better “Jaws” ripoffs. It’s hapless victims versus hungry Piranhas. Whip up some Margaritas and grab a Pizza and let the carnage unfold.

“Growing Up Brady”

Yet another unauthorized made for TV film. This lighthearted film takes a look at America’s favorite family. Scope out Kaley Cuoco in an early role. America was shocked years later when “Mr. Brady” died of AIDS and was revealed to be gay. A secret the cast and crew kept for years.


“The Anna Nicole Smith Story”

Anna Nicole came from humble beginnings as a single young Mother working at a fried Chicken joint. She had dreams of becoming famous like her idol Marilyn Monroe. Though she was known for her raunchy antics she fulfilled her dreams. But not without scandal and heartbreak. The film takes a sympathetic look at the rise and fall of a tabloid celebrity.







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