“Star Trek: Beyond”

Admittedly I’m not an expert and am a casual fan of the classic show. I have seen the original films either on TV or in theatres. Not expecting a lot I took up the offer to see the latest J.J. Abrams production. I noted there were a lot of older people in the audience. After seeing trailers for “Rogue: A Star Wars story”, “Xxx:the return of Xander Cage”, “Keeping up with the Joneses”, and “Suicide Squad” the movie mercifully finally begun.

Sadly the movie is clouded by the death of one of its recent stars, Anton Yelchin. Personally knowing he was gone made his scenes harder to watch for me. While the franchise is known for it’s cheese factor things get very dark indeed. The Enterprise answers a distress call from an unknown entity and offers them safety. A decision Kirk (played by Chris Pine of “Bottleshock”) may regret. Meanwhile Spock (played by Zachary Quintin of “American horror story”) still questions his feelings for Uhura (played by Zoe Saldana of “Haven”) Soon the Crew is besieged by a new villain by the name of Krall. I won’t spoil who stars as Krall but he is an underrated and a brillant actor.

While the quirky humor remains the movie goes up a notch in the action sequences. With the exception of a few shoddy sequences the CGI is well done.  Simon Pegg digs into his role as Dr. Bones. Pegg also shares the duties of having helped the write the script. While Sofia Boutella is charming and fierce as Jaylah. There are a few refrences to the original show sprinkled in the film.

The film has good acting throughout. The interior and exterior of Yorktown is visually stunning. Another beautiful landscape plays a major role which I won’t spoil. One aspect was brief but may be controversial. The character of Zulu has a male lover. George Takei of the original show is gay so in a way it plays as tribute to him.

The film runs about 2 hours. So be sure to fill up on Soda and Popcorn. Be sure to be prepared to be assaulted by a loud symphony of intergalactic sounds. The fight, flight, and action sequences are well done. The new villain is at times sympathetic and horrifying.

While stars have stated a desire to move on only time will tell if there is a new film. It is a fitting tribute to the original show. It is also bittersweet to watch Anton Yeltin. As corny as it sounds seeing the movie has given me the spark to go to the movies again after a lenthgy absence. It has been an entertaining trilogy.






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