Mini reviews

“The “The ABC’S of Death 2”

With two other films in the can and one on the way this anthology franchise seems to be going strong. The premise is fairly simple. Give a director a platform to contribute a short film all stemming from a letter in the Alphabet. The shorts are generally macabre in nature. Literally a mixed bag entries range from great to mediocre. The twisted anthology doesn’t seem to be slowing down as “The ABC’S of death 2.0” is  in production.


“The Girl in the Photographs”

2015 dealt with the loss of horror director Wes Craven.  His last executive produced offering tells the story of a young woman (played by Claudia Lee) who runs afoul of a serial killer who enjoys distributing gruesome pictures of his victims. It isn’t long before she and others (including a local photographer played by Kal Penn and his motley crew) end up on the proverbial chopping block. This is not a typical flashy fast paced slasher. It’s a slow burn thriller. Kal Penn is good as a pretentious “Artist”. The movie tries to have legit character development before the carnage begins but casual slasher fans may be too bored for the payoff.


“Operation Bottleneck”

Despite the clunky dialogue and stagey vibe (as some older movies possess) There is a decent love story between a Japanese woman and an American Soldier in WWII Burma. 6 Soldiers find themselves in a strange land with an aggressive opponent. It’s not so much the action I was drawn to but the emotional side of it. Clocking in at 76 minutes it’s short and sweet. Starring Ron Foster and Miiko Taka.




Ever since “Halloween”  was released Holiday horror themes have seemed to become popular. The “Black Christmas”, “Tales of Halloween”, “Trick ‘r treat”, “Krampus”, and “My Bloody Valentine” spring to mind. But what do you get when you create an anthology film featuring ten holidays? The results as expected are a mixed bag. With 10 to 15 minutes the directors have their work cut out for them. In particular I thought Savanah Kennick and Madeline Coglahn were great in the Valentines Day segment. The Christmas Day, New Years Eve, Easter, and Father’s Day segments were also highlights for me.











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