Mini Reviews

“Green Room”

A ragtag group of Punk rockers (inuding the late Anton Yelchon and Imogen Poots) make the mistake of playing a gig at a Nazi bar. After playing a set they witness a nurder. They must fight for their lives as the Bar’s manager (played by the creepy and charismatic Patrick Stuart) plans to leave no witnesses. The violence is horrific in two scenes but in all honesty isn’t super gory or cartoonish. 86 minutes of awesomeness.


This made for TV film targets College students who are a bit too into Twitter. As the bodies pile up one of them surmises there is a connection between the victims using the same hashtag. Equally cheesy and spot on with how many talk down to eachother and ignore one another. Not particularly gory if you are into that. A nice way to kill some time. (No pun intended)

“The Finest Hours”

Recounts one of the greatest rescues at Sea. In 1959 a group of men set out just as a major Storm heads in. They only have one another to depend on.  Dazzling special effects and good acting. My only complaint is the added Fluff. Several moments such as a love interest driving into a Snowbank or storming into the Office and demanding her Hubby come home did not happen. It cheapened what otherwise was a good movie.




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